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Plastic Playground Equipment for Sale

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About Angel Playgournd

High Quality Outdoor Playground Equipment For Sale

Being one of the most celebrated playground equipment manufacturers in the market, Angel Playground welcomes you to the website. As the commercial outdoor play center supplier, we are grateful to offer our clients with a fun and cognitive service for their kids. We find out the right technology to design the equipment and combine it with beauty and function for domestic and overseas market.

Angel Playground Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise which blends development and sales in a beautiful pattern. All our employees in our office work very hard to keep our dignity in the market intact. Therefore, we offer you superior grade outdoor playground equipments in the forefront. We are dedicated on design, production and installation of the playground equipment we offer.

Since 1994, you can find modern production factory and office building more than 20000 square meters for outdoor playground. With thousands of attractive design, we are spreading our business in a wider market with a variety of themes to choose for.

We have to go through a huge deal of research, invention and developments at the production stage to ensure the beauty of the product. All of the Outdoor Playground Equipments we produce are made of environmental raw materials after being tested by the inspection team. Approved by GB, CE, ISO TUV, we are very strict about the quality of our products and focus on delivering the equipment at the right time period.

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We have it all ready! Looks very nice! children are very happy withthe product!We will definitely recommend your company and will buy from you when we will be opening second playground!


I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your kindness, patience and willingness to help. You were here for us from the beginning to the end and advise if it was necessary. So one more time Thank you

Claudia Baez-USA

Hope all is well with you, just to let you know that I sent you some pictures of the playground. It is very, very nice. I want to thank you and to thank you all your people for your great job. I'm very satisfied with your product, Defenitely will we continue doing business with you.

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